Sunday, December 04, 2005


Sooraj was very restless and he kept bothering us. Just to keep him engaged, Ranjani asked him to tell a story. He gave him a topic - 'Orange'. Here goes his story.

Orru urrula, orru veedu irunthuthu (All his stories start with 'Orru urrula!' - which means 'In one town/village' ). To translate this sentence, - In one town, there was a house'.

Anyway, I will continue with the story in English.

In one town, there was a house. The kid in the house kept an orange inside a ball!. After keeping the orange inside the ball, he went out to play. His father, who was staying inside the house - wanted to play with the ball. The father tried to play with the ball, but, the ball did not bounce properly. The ball was very squeezy, squeezy(that is what he told!). The father was wondering what happened to the ball. The kid came back after sometime, told his father that he had kept an orange inside the ball. The father cut open the ball, took out the orange and ate it. Thats all.


Blogger swami said...

Wow, fabulous.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Preethi said...

first time here.. lovely story how old is sooraj though?
I love the way he starts the story.. oru oorula oru veetu irunthathu.. my son starts with Once upon a time :P

4:19 PM  

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